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Mike C. Manoloff, CPA


Outsourced Marketing Client Since 2006

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Mike's Story

In 1992, Mike Manoloff started his own CPA practice in Houston. By 2006, the practice had grown to $500K, was supported by nine staff members and had very low profit margins (well below industry average). The practice was not niche-focused, but did have a concentration in construction which was not viewed favorably due to cyclical swings in the economy.

In 2006, Mike signed up for Build Your Firm's Outsourced Marketing Program. His goal was to transition the practice from a "job" into a "business" less reliant upon him, increase profit margins, and grow the practice from $500K to $750K.

$1M In New Business

Build Your Firm helped grow the practice by over $950K ($0.5M to $1.45M), increase practice efficiency rates, and develop two very attractive niches which now drive his practice. The practice grew from nine staff members each producing $56K in fees in 2006, to thirteen staff members each producing $111K in fees in 2020. Mike also developed two strong niches within the healthcare sector - dental and veterinary practices, which now comprise one-third of his overall practice sales. The construction and restaurant components of his practice are now much smaller (10% of mix for combined sales). Mike continues to rely on Build Your Firm as a partner continuously helping improve the quality of his practice.

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Mike Manoloff

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