Practice Management Program

Accounting Practice Management Program

Learn how to have a business that you want to run, not a business that is running you.

At A Glance

Profit Margins

Generate Higher Profit Margins

This program will invigorate you to have a renewed focus on efficiency and quality, which will help you dramatically increase your net profit margins to 60%.

Improve quality

Improve the Quality of your Life

This program will help you re-engineer your operations so your practice becomes dramatically more efficient and less reliant on how hard you work.


Save for Retirement and Sell Your Practice Easier

Once you improve efficiencies, you'll generate higher profit margins, allowing you to save for retirement and for the practice to be easier to merge or sell later.

Firm Size

The program is ideal for accounting firms looking to increase their bottom line profit margins. Firms who are forward thinkers that meet these characteristics are a good fit for this program.


Firms generating between $0 and $2,000,000 in fees.


Firms willing to change their operational habits and understand the related financial rewards.


Firms that don't want the same practice methodology that their predecessors built.

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"I recommend the Practice Management program to ALL accountants. Implementing recommendations from this program has enabled me to streamline everything from work flow to billing and collections. Doing this has left me more time to focus on my clients and maintain a balanced lifestyle."

Katie Ihndris, Virgina

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What You'll Learn

What It Includes

Our brand new Practice Management Program is delivered right to your computer via streaming video-on-demand.

Once you order your online self-study marketing program you will receive the following

  • Access to videos

  • Documents to download

  • Complete library of forms

  • Toll-Free Support to Assist you with questions or elements of the program

  • 7-day money back guarantee

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"The practice development program has been the best investment I have made since starting my practice."

Rex Draughn, Texas

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View a section-by-section overview of the topics covered in this comprehensive Practice Management Program.

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Get Total Control

A Proven System for Success

Who is This Program For?



For just $1,899 you can learn to manage your practice to increase profitability.


You may opt to pay the full the full amount of $1,899 at the time of purchase, or decide to pay over time with our convenient payment plan option. Program materials will be shipped via UPS.

Combo Deal

Purchased along with the Accountant Marketing Program: The AMP + PMP cost is $2,999 (payment plan available).

AMP ($1,899) + PMP ($1,899) = $2,999 - a savings of 21% when you buy both.

Testimonial Pic

"This practice development program is a must, to go along with the accounting marketing program. It has an easy to implement, systematic approach to managing your practice. It gives you the tools to have your staff assist your clients in a consistent, professional, and efficient manner."

Jennie Bordeaux, Florida

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Program ROI

Among other things, our program will help you increase your net profit margins from 10-30 points. The payback alone from this is significant and will easily pay for your investment in the program as illustrated below.

For example, if a $300,000 accounting practice improves its net profit margins by 30% it would achieve $900,000 in additional cash flow profit over 10 years (not considering time value of money).



If you're not satisfied with our program within the first 7 days, we offer your money back guaranteed.

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Practice Management FAQs

The Practice Management Program is designed for established practitioners that would like to transition their role in the practice from a job into a business. Our complete system will help you reengineer your operations so your practice becomes dramatically more efficient and less reliant on how hard you, the owner, work. Once you accomplish this, the practice will generate higher profit margins, enable you to improve the quality of your life, allow you to save for retirement and be easier to merge or sell later.

We designed this program for small business accounting firm owners with an established practice generating at least $0 in fees and less than $2 million annually.

Yes. Our Accounting Practice Management Program will provide you with the tools you will need to process small business clients more efficiently so you can expect to earn $150,000-$200,000 in fees per full-time employee, 50-60% profit margins and hourly realization rates of $200-$300 per hour across the board.

You can read or listen to testimonials on our website at BYF Testimonials. If you are still not convinced, give us a call and we will put you in touch with other accountants who have participated.

Yes. Our practice management program comes with a 7 day money back guarantee. You can look at everything, including watching the videos. If you decide that it's not for you, simply return the program within 7 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Access to videos, Documents to download, Complete library of forms, Toll-Free Support to Assist you with questions or elements of the program