The Art of Closing and Keeping Clients

The Art of Closing and Keeping Clients Program

This step-by-step program is uniquely tailored for accountants who wish to dramatically increase their selling and closing skills while attempting to acquire new clients for their practices.

At A Glance


Dramatically Improve Your Selling and Closing Skills

This program is idea for accountants who are looking to hone their selling skills when it comes to closing accounting business, and become a life-long rain maker for the accounting practice.


Learn 9 Key Closing Strategies

The accounting industry has many unique platforms to sell new businesses. Giving us an advantage when speaking to prospects and closing them as new clients. Once you understand how to position this communication, the rest is easy.

Over the Phone

Close Over 80% of New Business Over the Phone

Once you learn the step-by-step closing techniques to use with prospects the rest is easy. The video support provided reinforces what you learned so you can close new business over the phone.

What You'll Learn

This program will teach you:

  • The most common reasons accountants don't close and how to avoid them
  • Nine key closing strategies
  • A step-by-step approach to staying on track during every phase of your closing

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Dramatically improve your selling and closing skills
  • Use "bottom-line" selling for accountants to produce more clients
  • Master the technique of "true value" selling
  • Do 80% of your closing on the phone, sometimes 100%
  • Close virtually all types of businesses and individuals
  • Identify if a prospect is worth pursuing
  • Close clients that yield high profits to your firm

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What It Includes

The Art of Closing and Keeping Clients Program is delivered right to your computer via streaming video - on demand as well as two binders shipped to you.

Once your order your self-study program you will receive the following

  • Two binders - Document Binder and Closing Binder

  • On-demand videos of the program

  • Complete Library of forms, documents, and agreements

  • Toll-Free Support to assist you with questions or elements of the program

  • Library of additional reinforcement videos

  • 7 day money back guarantee

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View a section by section overview of the topics covered in this comprehensive The Art of Closing and Keeping Clients Program.



For just $499 you can learn to sell and close new business.

Program ROI

Additional Revenues Over 7 Year Period


Our program helps accountants typically achieve closing rates of 30-40%. The investment in the program will be paid for once you close your first client. The long-term payback is much greater and will easily pay for your investment in the program many times over.

For example, if an accountant speaks with 10 quality prospects a month, he/she will close 2 clients (20%), per industry averages. By using the strategies in this program, he/she will close potentially 4 clients (40%). That's 24 more clients a year. If the average fee per client is $2,000, that equates to $48,000 in additional revenues per year. If those clients stay with the firm on average of 7 years (some stay longer, some stay shorter) that's $336,000 in additional firm revenues. That metric will be repeated again year after year.

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